Wanderlust Wednesday: Boston Light

We love lighthouses.  It isn’t very often, but anytime we’re near one we go visit.  I heard of one this morning though that is definitely on my must see list now- Boston Light, America’s very first lighthouse. Boston Light sits on Little Brewster Island approximately 8 miles off the coast of Boston and today marks it’s 300th Birthday.

The original light tower, built in 1716, was destroyed by the British in 1776.  A new one was built only a few years ago – in 1783.   It still shines warning ships 27 miles away.  They’ve modernized it a little; for instance, the light is fully automated and a fog horn is now used to warn ships, but otherwise it’s the same as it was 300 yrs ago.

It was originally run by the US Coast Guard but in 2003 it was civilianized and  Sally Snowmen  was officially designated as Keeper of Boston Light. She is the 70th, and first female, light keeper of Boston Light.  She went to visit the lighthouse as a child and knew immediately that she wanted to be a part of it one day.  At 65, she is full of spunk even sewing her own period costumes! I can only hope to have as much spunk as she does when I’m that age.

There aren’t many places in America that can say they’ve been here for 300 years.  Happy Birthday Boston Light –  may you continue to stand another 300 years!


Early 1780’s painting by Capt. Matthew Parke

There are also some great videos on the Friends of Boston Harbor Islands website found here.


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