#SaturdaySpotlight- Art’s Bagels & More

I try to do a #SaturdaySpolight about twice a month and usually post it on Saturday. I decided to share the love and post today so you can go tomorrow.  Trust me – you will thank me.  I’ve been putting off doing this one because selfishly I wanted to keep Art’s a secret.  They already have quite a following – maybe even cult-like.  If you aren’t there by 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday or Sunday you will have to wait at least 30 min. to place your order and if you wait until lunch you may be out of luck.  We love bagels and have had bagels from all over, from New York to a great little deli in Key West, but these are the best bagels we’ve had thus far.  They are perfectly soft inside & yet glossy and hard (in a good way) on the outside.  The variety of spreads make decisions very difficult.  They even had one made with ghost peppers- didn’t have any trouble turning that one down but I couldn’t decide between the Maple & Pecan or the Pumpkin so I went with a bacon & egg bagel.  Otherwise, I would have eaten three bagels!  My favorite creation of theirs? The cinnamon rolls.  They are heaven on earth!


I take them to go so we can have a treat on Sunday morning.  However, depending on how the rest of our Saturday goes they sometimes don’t make it that long.  The rolls have the perfect amount of cinnamon, butter and sugar and I could literally eat the icing by the tub full!  They have a lunch menu but we’ve only been for breakfast.  I’ve always been afraid they’ll be out of bagels by the time lunch rolls around and I don’t want to be disappointed so we make sure to be there before 7:30 a.m.

If you’re in the Acworth area check them out: Art’s Bagels & More 3451 Cobb Pkwy, Acworth, GA 30101.   You will be very sad it took you this long to find them.

You’re welcome 🙂




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